Wednesday, July 30, 2008

20!: 20 Weeks Later

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Come celebrate our 20th episode. We have money that we will be giving away to lucky callers in the form of Strange Adventures Gift Certificates. We'll be welcoming guests into the studio who will participate in our regular features such as Opening Night, Beat the Geeks, Sub or Flub and MotorPsycho. We'll also be keeping you in tune with the latest in Pop Culture such as movies, TV and Comics.

Mike and Remy
From Where Monsters Dwell.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The 19th Show: Why So Serious?

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We are being pre-empted by a baseball game this week, so it's going to be a short show. 1 full hour, no music just talk. We'll be talking about the Dark Knight, as well as any topics proposed by our callers.

Open lines all night, so call in and win some Strange Adventures moolah!

Mike and Remy
From Where Monsters Dwell.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

#18 Show: Call 1-800-555-4551 to Vote Whether Remy Lives...or DIES!!!!

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Ha! Show 18 and what a doozy! We'll be dissecting Hellboy II and priming the pump for Dark Knight. We'll have our regular features like Subor Flub and opening night. We'll talk the pros and cons of pricing comics using a comic price guide and who knows who will be visiting us in the studio. You caqn even win free stuff in the form of Strange Adventures gift certificates just by calling in (474-2700).

Tune in and join in the fun. Followed immediately by Fanboy Radio, the voice of comics and those who don't want Remy to die.

Mike and Remy
From Where Monsters Dwell.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

17: The Show: To Hellboy and Back!

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Show 17 kicks off this week when we will be talking about Hancock and the possibility of witnessing the evolution of the 'Superhero Movie'. We'll also be talking about comics, TV and everything else pop-culture. You can enjoy our regular features like opening night, where we'll discuss the pros and cons of Hellboy II, Bad Math and Stupid People, Motorpsycho and Sub or Flub. We'll be taking your calls and if you call at the right time you can win Gift Certificates to Strange Adventures Comic Book Shop, the greatest comic shop on the planet.

All this and more this Wednesday at 7pm.

Mike and Remy
From Where Monsters Dwell.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Show Number the 16th: The Search for WMD (Where Monsters Dwell)

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We have a new name, a new sponsor (Strange Adventures Comic Book Shoppes) and a world of possibilities. Join us this Wednesday to discuss Mark Millar's Wanted and it's success at the box office and what that means for 'comic book movies'. As well as our regular features like Opening Night, Sub or Flub and Motorpsycho, we'll celebrate Canadians in the comic industry and officially roll out our new website.

It will be a full show, so tune in and you may even win something...

There's the hook.

Mike and Remy
From Where Monsters Dwell

...and now, finally, for all you folks not able to tune in due to geographic limitations, we will be podcasting our show following the live broadcast. Check us out at our new website;