Sunday, June 26, 2011

Episode 156 with Lovern Kindzierski

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This week on WMD we welcome back Lovern Kindzierski whose new project 'Shame: Conception' with legendary artist John Bolton is due in stores next month. We'll be talking with Lovern about the book, working with John Bolton and what's to come in chapter 2 & 3 of this beautiful new series.

We'll also be covering new comics in stores, new movies in theatres and we'll chat about some other fun stuff as well.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Episode 155 with Mark Waid

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This week we welcome Mark Waid to the Monster Cave©. Mark, of course is one of the most prevalent writers in modern comics. It would be a shorter list to name the projects he hasn't worked on than the ones he has. He's worked with every major publisher and consistently pumps out some of the best comics on the stands. We'll be talking to Mark about his current projects, what he has coming up and his thoughts on the digital age of comics and the big happenings at DC and how he thinks it will affect the industry.
As always, if you have a question for Mr. Waid, you can post it on our Facebook wall or give us a call in the studio at 506-453-4949 and ask the man himself.

Also: New Comics Day, Opening Night and Table Topic Turntable.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where Monsters Dwell #1: The Reboot Episode!

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In an attempt to appeal to a younger, hipper audience, the executives at WMD headquarters have decided to start fresh with a brand new #1 episode. It is our hope that this will make it easier for new, younger listeners to jump on at this point without having to worry about what they've missed over the course of our previous 153 episodes.

Also, the parts of Remington J. Osborne, Monster Mike and Red Shirt Ryan have been recast. With our new, younger and more hip talent behind the microphones, we are hoping to broaden our listenership and capture the ever elusive 'boys, 13-35 demographic'.

Expect a complete revamp as we set sail into a world of the new, never looking back.

Also: New Comics Day, Opening Night and Table Topic Turntable.