Thursday, May 15, 2008

Show 10

Listen to episode 10 now!

Whew, can you believe it's been a whole decade of shows? OK, so not a decade, but 10 shows is big for us. So in honour of this momentous event, we've decided to add a little more bang for your buck (speaking of which, we still haven't received those bucks from some of you. You know who you are...).

That's right, we're dialing it up to 11 this week and every week after. More movie talk, more TV talk and now a lot more comic talk as we are joining forces with our heroes of pop culture, Fanboy Radio: The Voice of Comics. We will be joined live on the air by Scott, the host of Fanboy Radio and he will be chatting with us about everything from the Iron Man Movie to comics that are on sale this week.

You can check Fanboy Radio out at and you can check us out every Thursday night starting at 6 pm. That's right, we're giving you a whole extra hour of pop culture mayhem.

Talk to you then...

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