Wednesday, August 13, 2008

22 Show: The Empire Strikes Mike & Return of the Remy

Listen to episode 22 now!

Star Wars Clone Wars opens this week and you can bet we've got a lot to say about that. As well we'll be interviewing Dan Rogers and Steve McDonald (formerly of Obsidian Reign) and asking them what the hell happened to Fredericton's Premiere thrash Metal Band. They will also be joining us for our regular segments such as Sub or Flub, Beat the Geeks and Motorpsycho. Speaking of which, the Mayor of Fredericton, Brad Woodside has consented to doing an interview for our show regarding the construction on every single roadway in town.

We'll be giving away Strange Adventures gift certificates to some lucky callers and playing tribute music to Iron Maiden. Whew, what a show, I may just stay home and listen, myself...

Mike and Remy
from: Where Monsters Dwell

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