Thursday, October 30, 2008

Episode 32: It's the Hallowe'en Episode, Charlie Brown!

Listen to episode 32 now!

OOooooooohhhhh, spooky Hallowe'en episode. OOOooohhhh, do you dare tune in this Thursday night or are you too afraid?Scary stuff, eh, kids? Tune in for this special Thursday episode of Fredericton's premier pop culture radio broadcast as we tell scary stories with flashlights under our chins (you won't get the visual effect, but we'll make our voices extra creepy to compensate). We'll also be giving away some scary gift certificates that you can use at the very eerie Strange Adventures Comic Shop. We're also streaming live on the intranet now so those ghouls and goblins from the land of far, far away can tune in too.

Hear you all then,
Mike and Remy
From Where Monsters Dwell
Hey everyone, this Thursday if you tune into Where Monsters Dwell you can check out members of the great NB band The Motor League who are in town to play a show at the Cellar later on that same night.

Hear you then,
From Where Monsters Dwell

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