Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Episode 53: Exercise Your Right to Vote!

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Hello everyone and welcome to another week in pop culture. Instead of telling you what we plan to have happen, I'm going to make some predictions;

1. We will give away Strange Adventures Gift Certificates to callers during Beat-the-Geek and Sub-or-Flub.

2. The Beat-the-Geek caller will challenge Remy. Again. And win. Again.

3. We will change the name of Sub-or-Flub to Damon-or-Affleck.

4. We will give away our first movie banner from Jumbo Video.

5. Mike will cry over #4.

6. We will take 2 more qualifiers for the Indiana Jones Prize Pack from Sideshow Collectibles. Check out the photos on this page to see it.

7. We'll announce the Empire After Dark feature for May at Empire Theatres and pre-judge the movies opening this weekend.

8. We will discover that Ryan (our producer) is in fact a robot agent sent to infiltrate our ranks with his 'organization' and 'planning ahead'.

I also predict it will be a fun show where you will laugh, cry and if you're not careful, even learn something.Tune in this Wednesday at 7 pm on 95.7 FM or listen LIVE on the net at

Mike, Erin, Ryan and Remy
From Where Monsters Dwell

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