Thursday, February 12, 2009

Episode 43: ...tastes like brain...

Mike is back and it's a new episode of Fredericton's premiere pop culture radio programme. This week our lovely show poster was illustrated by none other than friend of the show and web cartoonist Ben Steeves!

All the usual stuff this week, Opening Night, New Comics Day, Beat the Geek, Sub-or-Flub as well as wryi[dfglk...

sorry, my cat just walked across my keyboard. ANyway, werkjhoiug...aww man! What the F@#& are you doing?! Come on, man!! Are you a professional cat?...Are you? All the time, you just walk across the desk; 'ladeedadeeda!' What the F@$& are you doing? That's it, cat, we are done professionally.

No, I can finish typing it, let's just do it. No. NO! Do not shut me up! Let's just DO IT!!! Tune in on Thursday this week for Where Monsters Dwell.

Mike and Remy
From Where Monsters Dwell

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