Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where Monsters Dwell T-Shirts Available for a limited time.

Hey everybody, not sure what to wear today? Where Monsters Dwell is here to help.

For a limited time we have WMD T-Shirts available for order. Look to the right and click the T-Shirt Oder button at the top right. Submit your order and You will receive a PayPal payment request. Once payment has been received your T-Shirt will be sent to you. 

These are limited edition T-shirts and the print is unique on each shirt. They are hand silk screened so no two prints are the same. This limited run is available in only 3 colours but future runs may be available in a different variety. Enjoy!!!


Have you heard the latest episode of Where Monsters Dwell? If not, go here:

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  1. PS> Postage will be added to the PayPal payment request after I receive your address.