Monday, December 7, 2009

Episode 78 - ZomBen Strikes Back...Again!!!

Listen to episode 78 now!

Salutations Dwellers and welcome to another week of Where Monsters Dwell. This week we welcome Zom-Ben ( creator Ben Steeves to the cave. We'll chat him up about his web comic and his thoughts on all the happenings in pop culture.

We will also be taking qualifiers for the Jumbo Video Holiday Prize Pack as well as giving away some Strange Adventures cash that can come in awful handy around the holidays.

Remember, you don't have to listen on the radio. You can tune in anywhere in the world at!

Hope to hear from you all on Wednesday!

Mike, Remy and Ryan
From Where Monsters Dwell

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  1. I'll be waiting for the podcast.
    And the art for this episode looks awesome