Thursday, January 21, 2010

Episode 85: with Darick Robertson & Tom Brevoort

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This week we welcome superstar artist of 'The Boys' Darick Robertson to the program. Darick has worked all over the comics industry on such books as Justice League, Wolverine, Spider-Man and Nightcrawler. Darick helped usher in the MAX line at Marvel with his work on 'Fury', he co-created 'Transmetropolitan' with Warren Ellis at DC and is currently working on 'The Boys', his co-creation with Garth Ennis.

We also have a special surprise interview that we are recording today (Jan. 21) so tune in to find out who this special guest is. UPDATE: The surprise interview is Tom Brevoort who just recieved a promotion yesterday at Marvel (He is now referred to as Vice President, Executive Editor).

Talk to you all on Wednesday through the magic of the internet and the not so magical science of FM broadcasting.

Mike, Remy and Ryan
from Where Monsters Dwell

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