Thursday, June 17, 2010

Episode 106 Jonah Hex Review with Jimmy Palmiotti

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Welcome to another week of the only radio show podcast viewable from outer space. This week we welcome back our Senior Motion Picture Correspondent and renaissance man, the one, the only Mr. Jimmy Palmiotti. Jimmy will be helping us review the Jonah Hex movie that hit theatres on Friday and maybe update us on new projects he has under way in the the comics, motion picture, TV or game worlds.
Also: Thrill to 'New Comics Day', wonder at 'Opening Night' and ogle the 'lightning Round'. All this and maybe, maybe more when you visit...

Where Monsters Dwell!!


  1. Drag I missed this one I hope it is posted soon.

  2. Dig the 24 style opening and man sometimes you guys really crack me up. I guess we crazy American types are easy to crack up though. I keed, I keed anyways I am digging this show as I am only about 10 minutes into it. Rock on gang and never lose the humorous side of this glorious existence on planet earth.;)