Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Episode 141 with Nick Cardy

Listen to episode 141 now!

Nick Cardy is an illustrator who has been drawing comics since 1939 - basically around the time American comics began. He's worked with Will Eisner and Burne Hogarth and has illustrated many books and covers for DC comics including Aquaman and Teen Titans. He's drawn pretty much every genre in comics and he joins us tonight to chat about his storied career as well as a new book from Eva Ink that showcases the artwork he produced while fighting in World War II.

Join us for this very special interview as well as New Comics Day, Opening NIght and Table Topic Turntable.


  1. This was a really good episode. Nick Cardy was fantastic and I really loved hearing his stories from World War Two. Great show!

  2. Months later I finally got to this show and it was a great one. There are not many artists left of Nick's generation so it is great you got to have him on!!