Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Episode 166 ...Noooooooooooooooooo!

Listen to episode 166 now!

With the word out that George Lucas is yet again messing around with the original Star Wars trilogy, set to hit the Blu-Ray market next week, we thought we would take this opportunity to review the positive things this movie franchise has brought to the world (like R2D2 bathing suits? Who's with me?!) as well as determine why we think ol' George is messing with what used to be such a good thing.

Also, as always; New Comics Day at Strange Adventures, Opening Night at Empire Theatres and Table Topic Turntable!

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  1. Guys, just FYI, I don't know if you've seen some of the Clone Wars CGI episodes, but those are damn good stories, a damn good series and it goes a long way towards turning Anakin, the Clones and EVEN Jar Jar into interesting, watchable and sometimes even likeable characters.
    Also, Paul Dini writes a lot of those episodes!