Sunday, November 6, 2011

Episode 175 with Sam Humphries @samhumphries

Listen to episode 175 now!

Our guest this week is comic writer and photographer Sam Humphries. You've read Sam's work on Fraggle Rock and CBGB: The Comic Book but his latest book, 'Our Love Is Real' a sci-fi love story with art by Steven Sanders, from Image is what he joins us this week to chat about. He also has has another book coming in December called 'Sacrifice' and we're going to do our best to find out what that's about. If you have a question for Sam regarding his work or his thoughts on the comic book industry, be sure to post it on our Facebook wall or give us a call in the studio at 506-453-4949.

Also; New Comics Day at Strange Adventures, Opening Night at Empire Theatres and Table Topic Turntable.

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