Thursday, July 12, 2012

You can help support your favourite comics radio show and podcast!

Hello friends,

As some of you may, or may not have noticed, we have put a “donation” button on the Where Monsters Dwell website. We suppose it doesn’t really need much explanation; we're looking for donations to help fund the show. Now I guess what does need explaining is why we’re doing it. First off this isn’t something where if we don’t get a certain amount of donations the show is going to stop and never come back, not the case at all. We started doing this show 4 years ago because we love comics and we love talking about them. If we weren’t doing it on the radio, we’d still be gabbing in Mike’s basement one night a week. The reason for the donation option is that we have a few events coming up this fall and winter and we're looking for ways to offset the cost of taking the show on the road. Again, you are not obligated to donate ANYTHING; the show will always be free to our listeners, but if you have an extra dollar, 5 or 10 we would certainly appreciate it. It would go a long way in making the show better.

Big Thanks,

Monster Mike, Remington J. Osborne and Red Shirt Ryan.

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