Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blast From the Past! Episode 88 with Jamal Igle and Dan Brereton

Listen to episode 88 now!

This week, during the Where Monsters Dwell Summer Vacation, we re-present another classic episode. This time it's Episode 88 with guests Jamal Igle and Dan Brereton from february 10th, 2010. For those who are new to our program, you will get a tasty of what it's like when Mike and Remy start the show with a fight. This kicked off a tradition of always fighting whenever we have Jamal Igle as a guest. Jamal is a sweet guy and we don't know what it is about him that fills us with such rage.
Anyway, currently, Jamal has just successfully funded his first Kickstarter drive for his book 'Molly Danger'. You may still have time to pledge if you hurry.
Dan Brereton has a new book coming out soon from Big Wow and Imaginary Beasts (distributed by Eva Ink).It's called SIREN: THE BEWITCHING ART OF DAN BRERETON
Both these guys are a real pleasure to talk to and that is why they are among the top guests we have back on a regular basis.

WMD will be back LIVE and LOUD next week at our regular time. Talk at you then,

Monster Mike, Remington J. and Redshirt Ryan!

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