Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Listen To Jimmy with Steve Niles #63

Listen to Jimmy #63 now!

Jimmy was unavailable to record this week so Steve Niles stepped up and we recorded a great full length show for your listening pleasure. This week we talk about:

-New York Comic Con (and cons in general)
-Creator Owned Heroes
-Frankenstein Alive, Alive!
-Criminal Macabre Vs. 30 Days of Night
-Lot 13
-Legends of the Dark Knight
-The comic book industry


  1. Great show! A regular Steve Niles show would not be a bad thing!

  2. why is isn't this called listen to Steve instead of jimmy?

  3. Hi, 'H',
    The show is called 'Listen To Jimmy because it is Jimmy Palmiotti's show. Jimmy's friend, Steve filled in for him for a week.

    Thanks for listening!