Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Episode 303: Remembering Robin Williams

***We're sorry to say that there is no podcast of this episode. The log recorder at CHSR decided to take the night off without telling anyone  We're sorry if you were looking forward to hearing this episode, we had a lot of fun doing it. 

We are happy the log recorder got a night off.
No log recorders were hurt in the fit of rage that happened when Remy found out.

That's not was hurt.***

This past Monday actor and comedian, Robin Williams passed away.

Where Monsters Dwell is going to take some time to chat, and laugh, about the life and career of Robin Williams.

Join us at our new time; 8 pm EST / 9 pm AST

You can post any questions or comments you may have in our Facebook group or call us at 506-452-6056.

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