Friday, April 30, 2010

Episode 99 with Joe Casey

Listen to episode 99 now!

Joining us this Wednesday for our very last episode in the double digits is Man of Action, Joe Casey! You've seen Joe's work on titles such as Cable, Automatic Kafka, Wildcats 3.0, Mister Majestic, Adventures of Superman, G.I. Joe: America's Elite and Gødland.
He has also worked on the Fantastic Four, the Avengers and Iron-Man.

It's not just comics for Joe, nosiree. He is also one of the masterminds behind Ben 10 a franchise he and his partners are planning to take over the world with.

Do you have a question for Joe Casey? Well, you are out of luck unless you can somehow manage to dial (506)453-4949(506)453-4949 or post something on our Facebook wall. Other than those options, I really can't think of any way you will ever be able to converse with this man.

New Movies, new Comics and industry news also in store on the next thrilling chapter of Where Monsters Dwell!


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  2. Sounds like a great show

    And happy 5 de Mayo!

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  4. FYI the file is .mp3.mp3, and my PC can't read it... also it's under 1mb so I think something is up. Just to let you know!

  5. Should be working now, I think. This is a temporary file. The show hasn't been edited yet and we are waiting for our FTP to come on line....or something like that. Thanks for your patience.

  6. Nice work Monsters, everything seems to be working now! AWESOME.