Friday, May 7, 2010

Episode 100 with Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning

Listen to episode 100 now!

Episode 100 is here!!!

It's everything you love about Where Monsters Dwell, except 100 times better. This week we are not only broadcasting on local radio and Rogers cable TV (channel 946) but we'll also be streaming live video right from the Monster Cave (that's the radio station Studio A) with the help of Mandingo Peters, our video director. To see the live video you can visit this link: WMD on USTREAM

Speaking of Mr. Peters, he's the gent that coloured our lovely celebratory Iron Man inspired cover for the 100th show. The poster was painstakingly penciled and inked by another friend of the show Mr. Ben Steeves of Zom-Ben fame. Thank you both, guys, you honour us.

And if all that wasn't enough; we will be broadcasting our pre-recorded interview with Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. We talk to them about Guardians of the Galaxy, the Thanos Imperative, General Elections and salty nuts. You will definitely not want to miss this interview, it was a riot to talk to these guys.

All this and new movies, new DVDs, NEW COMICS and our Iron Man 2 review!

Don't you dare miss it!


  1. Congrats!
    Hope to hear you live, and maybe I'll call you

  2. Wow, nice turnaround time guys. I wasn't able to tune in live for this one. Really appreciate what you guys do for comics!

  3. Congrats gang I finally heard this a few weeks later. I have been playing catch up the last few months and I am almost to the present. Gee I feel like Bruce Wayne for some reason.;)